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Boxer Amir Khan says he and his friend were removed from flight for being ‘two Asian boys’

Amir Khan and American Airlines

Professional boxer Amir Khan said he and a colleague were removed last week from an American Airlines flight in the U.S. for “racially motivated” reasons.  

Khan’s claims: The 34-year-old British boxer and his companion were removed from Flight 700 at Newark Liberty International Airport en route to Dallas-Fort Worth on Sept. 18 while on the way to a training camp in Colorado, reported The Guardian

Delta, American, United Suspend All Flights to China Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


Three of the most popular airlines in the U.S. — Delta, American and United — have canceled flights to and from mainland China amid efforts to control the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Delta Air Lines said on Friday that it would suspend all its flights to China from Feb. 6 to April 30, the longest announced by any airline at the moment, according to Business Insider.

American Airlines Kicks Chinese Music Student Off Flight, Says to Buy 1st Class Ticket to Get Home

A DePaul University School of Music student from Shanghai, China was kicked off of an American Airlines flight out of Miami after she checked in online for both herself and her cello.

Jay Tang said his wife Jingjing Hu was sitting in her seat on the American Airlines flight 2457 from Miami International Airport to Chicago, where the couple lives, when flight attendants told the woman she would not be allowed to fly because “the aircraft is too small for the cello.”

American Airlines Turns Elderly Chinese Couple’s Life into a Tragic and Devastating Nightmare

An elderly Chinese couple was left in critical condition after getting hit by a pick-up truck when American Airlines diverted their flight to Baltimore, Maryland last week.

The ordeal began on Friday, March 2, when a passenger, who said she wishes to remain anonymous, scheduled a flight from Minnesota to New York LaGuardia with American Airlines. Due to the horrible weather that the northeast experienced last week, the plane decided to divert its flight last minute and land in Baltimore instead.