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This Guy is Makes Money Selling Cans of Air – No Really


How hard is it to literally make money out of thin air?  Not that hard actually, according to Antoine Deblay, a 22-year-old communication student from Montcuq, France, who was nice enough to chat with us over email.  Over last summer, Deblay came up with the simply genius idea to sell Air de Montcuq by taking notice of the  “reputation of Montcuq, and the reaction of people when they learn that someone lives in Montcuq… the idea came to me. Why not sell the Air de Montcuq?”  You see, “Montcuq” in French sounds  very similar to “mon cul,” which means “my ass.”   Imagine someone saying, “What? You live in my ass? Ooh you live in Montcuq, I get you.”  So you can see why this humorous product, the “air of my ass,” became popular overnight.  “I wanted to make a clean product that is not vulgar. What people like is the pun “Air Montcuq,” Deblay told us.