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The world owes a debt to Kiyoshi Kuromiya for his trailblazing HIV/AIDS activism

Kiyoshi Kuromiya HIV/AIDS activist

As a self-proclaimed “Forrest Gump of activism,” Kiyoshi Kuromiya was present for many of the U.S. social justice movements in the ‘60s through the ‘90s, which included the Vietnam War, gay rights and the Stonewall era, the Civil Rights movement and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Born on May 9, 1943, in a Japanese American concentration camp in Wyoming, Kuromiya, a sansei (third-generation Japanese) activist, experienced social injustices since he was a baby. His parents were upheaved from Monrovia, Calif., to Heart Mountain Relocation Center along with 120,000 other Japanese Americans during WWII, despite also being citizens and California natives.

Chinese-American Virologist Who Helped Identify the Cause of AIDS Dies at Age 73

Flossie Wong-Staal

World-renowned scientist Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal passed away due to pneumonia at the Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla, San Diego on July 8, La Jolla Light reported.

The life of a hero: The 73-year-old Chinese American virologist and molecular biologist, who saved countless lives for her significant contribution in AIDS research while in the United States, was born as Yee Ching Wong on August 27, 1946, in China.

Chinese Hospital Accidentally Infects 5 Patients with HIV

Five individuals now have HIV, no thanks to a hospital staff who accidentally infected them with the deadly virus at a high-end traditional Chinese medicine hospital in the Zhejiang capital of Hangzhou.

According to local health authorities, a hospital technician at the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine allegedly re-used a tube which had been previously utilized on a patient with HIV.

Asia Introduces New HIV-Prevention Pill For World AIDS Day

In its campaign to reduce HIV transmission in Thailand, the local Red Cross chapter has recently introduced a new pill that reportedly reduces the risk of transmission.

Last Thursday on World AIDS Day, the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center unveiled its campaign to minimize the HIV/AIDS infection rate by rolling out the administration of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to individuals who are at high-risk of HIV transmission, Thai News Bureau reported (via Bangkok Coconuts).