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8 Signs That Asian Baby Boy You’ve Been Seeing is Going to Shatter Your Heart

Maybe you’ve started seeing a seemingly sweet ABB (Asian baby boy) and have started to notice a few red flags here and there, or maybe you’ve been ignoring these red flags from the very beginning (tsk tsk)– either way, ABBs and Asian fu*kboys display very distinct behaviors that you should always look out for before getting too serious.

Of course, maybe just one or two of these characteristics can be overlooked. However, if you don’t want your heart shattered to pieces, it’s probably best you stay away from boys who show several of these signs.

Women Tell Us Their Worst Asian F**kboy Stories And YIKES

It’s a tale as old as time — girl meets boy, girl ignores all the red flags, girl ends up being played by the classic Asian fuckboy — and honestly, it happens to the best of us.

To these boys, ghosting, benching and cheating just come so naturally, it’s a talent, really. And as much as you might want to believe that you are the cure for your partner’s fuckboy antics, honey, there is no cure.