Sushi surpasses classic sandwich as UK’s lunch of choice, according to grocery chain

Sushi surpasses classic sandwich as UK’s lunch of choice, according to grocery chain
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The U.K.’s largest retailer, Tesco, now sells 21 million packs of sushi a year due to the significant demand

August 17, 2023
Sushi has become the U.K.’s fastest growing lunchtime treat, surpassing the classic sandwich, according to the country’s leading grocery chain. 
The premium Clubcard Meal Deal: The demand for the Japanese rice dish has significantly increased at Tesco, the U.K.’s largest retailer, leading the company to replace its classic smoked salmon sandwich with sushi.
Sushi sales reportedly skyrocketed by 90% when Tesco launched its premium Clubcard Meal Deal for 5 pounds (approximately $6.37) across 1,100 U.K. stores in the beginning of this year. The premium deal, which offers shoppers a main, a drink and a snack, includes choices of sushi boxes, poke bowls and other Asian dishes like gyozas and bao buns from well-known brands such as Itsu, YO! Sushi and Pollen & Grace. Due to significant demand, Tesco now sells 21 million packs of sushi a year.
“This is the first time that we’ve ever put premium quality sushi in one of our meal deals and this has had a significant effect in making it more affordable and accessible for shoppers,” said Emma Williams, Tesco food-to-go buying manager. 

“Demand has also been boosted by people returning to work and it’s led to restaurant group YO! opening more fresh sushi counters in our stores across the UK. Sushi has never been more popular and for a salmon poke bowl to overtake our previous top-selling premium lunchtime staple, the smoked salmon sandwich, really underlines that.”

Expanding sushi ranges: The Japanese dish is seen as a relatively healthy and high in protein choice by buyers. One of the main reasons for the dish’s popularity is that it can also be eaten on the go. 
As sushi restaurants are becoming more popular across the U.K., some stores are also expanding their ranges by offering sushi via home delivery, while others are extending their dishes into supermarkets and in-store kiosks. 
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