Studio Ghibli bonsai fountains are here to bring tranquility to your home

Studio Ghibli bonsai fountains are here to bring tranquility to your home
via Donguri Kyowakoku
Iris Jung
December 27, 2022
Studio Ghibli-themed bonsai fountains are now available for fans to add to their collections.
The animation studio’s line of bonsai fountains feature scenes from the films “My Neighbor Totoro,” “Princess Mononoke” and “Spirited Away.” 
All four fountains are operated via battery or USB power. Of the two settings available, the first continuously releases water while the second releases water for five minutes after voice activation.
The first bonsai depicts the popular bus stop scene from the 1988 film “My Neighbor Totoro.” Although Satsuki is not featured, Totoro is seen standing beneath the tree alongside Mei, who wears her sky blue raincoat. 
The next two bonsai designs come from Studio Ghibli’s 1997 film “Princess Mononoke.” In the first of the two fountains, the forest spirit Shishigami (deer god) stands in a pool of water in front of a hollowed-out trunk filled with kodama spirits. 
Similar to the first, the second design depicts a night version of the same scene where Shishigami stares up into the sky with the glowing antlers of the Nightwalker. As a special feature of the second version, the kodama spirits glow in the dark.
Inspired by 2001’s “Spirited Away,” the final bonsai fountain features No-Face in a Japanese garden. As Yubaba’s Yu-Bird and baby Boh overlook the scene, No-Face pours water into a bamboo fountain. 
Spirited Away
Priced at 17,600 yen (approximately $132), the bonsai fountains are available online and in Japan’s Donguri Kyowakoku stores.
Donguri Kyowakoku previously released Studio Ghibli-themed humidifiers, which have since sold out with no news of any restocks. However, fans can still look forward to Hayao Miyazaki’s upcoming Studio Ghibli film “How Do You Live,” which is slated for release in 2023.
All images via Donguri Kyowakoku
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