S. Korea’s opposition wins landslide midterm victory

S. Korea’s opposition wins landslide midterm victoryS. Korea’s opposition wins landslide midterm victory
via Arirang News, Al Jazeera English / YouTube
Carl Samson
April 11, 2024
South Korea’s opposition clinched a decisive victory in the country’s parliamentary elections, dealing a major blow to President Yoon Suk-yeol and his conservative ruling party.
Key points:
  • The liberal opposition won a significant majority in the elections held on April 10.
  • Despite the political shift, South Korea’s foreign policy is expected to remain unchanged.
  • The outcome reflects widespread public dissatisfaction with Yoon‘s handling of various domestic issues.
The details:
  • The liberal opposition, including the main opposition Democratic Party and its satellite party, secured a combined 175 seats out of 300 in the National Assembly, with another small liberal party obtaining 12 seats. Meanwhile, Yoon’s People Power Party and its affiliate won 108 seats.
  • With a voter turnout of 67% — the highest since 1992 — the elections are seen as a midterm referendum on Yoon, who took office in 2022. The opposition will now control parliament until after Yoon’s term ends in 2027.
  • Yoon’s presidency has been marked by discontent over domestic issues, including inflationpolitical scandals and allegations of democratic erosion. The opposition effectively capitalized on these sentiments.
  • The president pledged to “humbly uphold” the election results, focusing on economic improvement and state affairs reform.
  • Prime Minister Han Duck-soo, senior presidential advisers (excluding security officials) and the ruling People Power Party leader Han Dong-hoon reportedly offered their resignations as a response to the electoral defeat.
  • South Korea’s foreign policy, particularly its alliances with the U.S. and Japan to counter North Korea and China, is expected to remain unaffected.
What’s next:
  • The new parliament is set to convene on May 30.
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