Newlywed Song Joong-ki calls out ‘baseless rumors’ about wife

Newlywed Song Joong-ki calls out ‘baseless rumors’ about wife
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Iris Jung
February 23, 2023
Song Joong-ki recently revealed he felt “angry” and “frustrated” about malicious rumors surrounding his new wife, Katy Louise Saunders. 
The rumors, including allegations of a child with a previous partner, were spread on the internet as Song’s marriage to Saunders attracted worldwide scrutiny.
In an interview with GQ, the 37-year-old South Korean actor admitted his initial reaction to the rumors was indifference. 
“At first, I didn’t pay it any attention,” Song explained. “This is a normal thing for us, and just because people are talking doesn’t mean our love will change.” 
However, the “Vincenzo” star quickly became overwhelmed by the negative press surrounding his relationship. 

As more and more baseless rumors spread, I was honestly angry and frustrated. Except [Katy’s] university, nothing was true. As my anger increased to the point I thought it would explode, Katy told me, “You don’t need to get angry at these people.” I can’t say a lot here, but this is the type of person she is. She leads me towards a positive direction and balances me.

Song continued to praise his wife in the interview, revealing that the interview did not have enough time and space to detail Saunders’ good qualities. “She is someone I trust,” he stated. 
With the confirmed news of the couple’s first child on the way, the actor also confessed his excitement about starting a family soon. 
“One of my lifelong goals is to have a family and a child,” he shared. “So, I’m filled with nervous and excited anticipation right now.”
Song revealed his relationship with Saunders in late January through an announcement on his official fan cafe. The couple, who had been dating for approximately a year, were confirmed to have been married earlier this month.
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