Here’s the Easiest Way to Create a 3D Hologram With Your Smartphone

According to British independent tech reviewer MrWhosetheBoss, it only takes seven simple steps to transform a smartphone into a holographic device. You only  need an X-Acto knife, a ruler, an old CD case (which is essentially useless anyway), some tape, and pen and paper.

Here are the seven simple steps to building your own 3D hologram:

Step 1: Sketch out the shape. Create a paper template by drawing a trapezoid. The shape should measure 6 cm wide at the bottom, 1 cm wide at the top, and the side lengths should be 3.5 cm. MrWhosetheBoss said, “You can always try and double those or triple those, measurements, and you will get a nicer effect.”

Step 2: Find a CD case and carefully cut and break the edges off to create a flat plastic plane.

Step 3: Use the template to draw the equal-sized trapezoid shapes on the plastic plane.

Step 4: Using an X-Acto knife, carefully cut out the trapezoid pieces.

Step 5: Connect the four trapezoids using tape to bind the corners.

Step 6: It’s time to add your phone. Find a video online that is specifically designed for holograms, or just use the same demo as MrWhosetheboss.

Step 7: Enjoy.

h/t: Mashable
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