Video: Singaporean ex-teacher explains why she became an OnlyFans creator

Video: Singaporean ex-teacher explains why she became an OnlyFans creator
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Michelle De Pacina
August 30, 2023
Chanel Yui, a former secondary school teacher in Singapore, recently talked about her journey to becoming an OnlyFans creator after leaving a career in education.
Shifting to OnlyFans: In a TikTok video uploaded on Aug. 10, Yui describes her shift to OnlyFans as a form of liberation. She also mentions facing a stifling, restrictive environment while working in education and receiving complaints about her online conduct.
“For years, I have been in a very, very suffocating environment. I [got] called down to the office and was told, ‘This one is not very appropriate,’ ‘Can you take this [post] down?,’ ‘A lot of complaints about you,’ blah blah blah,” Yui tells Esther Lai-Joseph of That Mom Chat on TikTok before commenting in Mandarin, “Why can’t I just be myself?”
Yui’s motivation: Although she was initially worried about leaving a stable job, Yui had a successful influencer friend who guided her in creating OnlyFans content.
“All along, I’d already been dipping my toes into each of these platforms, so I think it was quite natural to follow what my friends are already successful in,” she shares. “Then you already have a sensei in that area, then they tell you what the steps are, how to set up, how to get started.”
The content creator also shares that the passing of her mother motivated her to start her OnlyFans journey as she felt freer to explore unconventional paths. 
Reactions: The TikTok video has since garnered more than 27,000 views, with some social media users criticizing her decision and others supporting her choice as long as she does not return to teaching.
“Teacher to sex worker is quite a jump. We can blame it on the economy or the dilution of values,” one user wrote. “Money talks, I guess.”
“Just remember easy money comes at a cost, don’t get angry when you’re in your 30s, single and men treat you like sh*t,” another user commented.
“As long as she doesn’t go back to [the] education sector, I’m sure the students won’t be awkward and she won’t be ridiculed. Can only control so many things,” another user said.

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