Here’s the Perfect App for People Who Want to Be Haunted By Their Exes

For all those who want to ensure that past lovers stick around in their psyches forever, a new app promises to serve as “a safety deposit box for your digital memories.”

Shryne is an app that was built to simplify the digital process of archiving past relationships — completely normal. It synchronizes data from across social media and archives personal histories onto a private platform, essentially a digital shrine. According to the app’s website:

“Shryne was designed to declutter your social history. Rediscover every moment, every message, and every memory in a single feed.”

While creating a scrapbook for a loved one who has passed away is understandable, it is difficult for some to understand the reasoning behind an archive for relationships that just didn’t work out.

People are raving about the new app that helps its users keep their broken hearts in shambles:

h/t: Complex
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