Elderly Shenzen Man Becomes the Latest Victim of Dangerous Chinese Escalators

After the series of horrific escalator accidents in China last year, people cautiously used escalators. Nearly a year later, that fear of escalators has returned with the latest horrific accident.

An elderly man at a supermarket in Shenzen, China suffered horrific injuries when the escalator he was on gave way this week. The man was riding up to the second floor when one of the steps fell through causing his leg to be pulled into and mangled by the machinery.

Rescue workers struggled to cut away part of the escalator to free the man as he lied in shock for a long 40 minutes.

When he was free, the elderly man was rushed to a local hospital for emergency treatment.

Somehow, the escalator had passed its yearly inspection only six months before.

While the manufacturer of the escalator was not revealed, netizens blame the incident on China’s low standards of escalator safety.

Source: Shanghaiist
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