Here Are the Crazy Ways Chinese People Take the Escalator Now After Horrific Accident

After this week’s horrific escalator accident that claimed the life of one heroic mother in China, Chinese people are understandably cautious when they use escalators now.

In fear that their next escalator ride may swallow them up, people have taken to some unique riding poses, from the “pretend the floor is lava” pose to the “Indiana Jones stepping for booby-traps” strategy. Hey, it might look ridiculous, but at least that escalator ride won’t be their last.

Safe escalator riding is knowledge that must be passed on to future generations.

Don’t be afraid to leap if you have to.

While she’s still alive, her poor stepping form reduces her maneuverability.

This guy knows it doesn’t have to be a dramatic deal.

This clever human has figured out how to use tools to determine safe passage.

Now seems as good a time as any to bring back planking.

Not so ridiculous considering the length of their dresses.

Just pretend the panel is made of lava.

Only a foot away from becoming an inclined human centipede.

This guy’s lighting fast reflexes and Spider-man stance prepares him for anything.

Of course, the most important photo that everyone should know is this one:

Stay safe and think fast.

h/t: Shanghaiist
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