One Thing We Do on Our Phones Kills More People a Year Than Sharks

One Thing We Do on Our Phones Kills More People a Year Than SharksOne Thing We Do on Our Phones Kills More People a Year Than Sharks
Laura Dang
September 22, 2015
It is sad but true: More people have died attempting to take selfies than were killed by shark attacks in 2015.
People are imagining more creative ways to take pictures of themselves and that doesn’t always end well. Even if not fatal, selfies can still cause serious injuries — like the time a man tried to take a selfie with a rattlesnake.
The death toll for shark-related incidents this year totals eight people, while the number of deaths resulting from selfies now stands at 12. In the most recent selfie casualty earlier this month, a Japanese tourist suffered a fatal fall. An eyewitness claimed the 66-year-old Hideto Ueda and his colleague slipped on the stairs while taking a selfie at the Taj Mahal’s Royal Gate in India, according to the BBC. Ueda lost consciousness from head trauma, and his friend fractured his leg.
In May, David Gonzalez Lopez, 32, was gored to death by a bull in front of a petrified audience during the annual bull running festival in Villaseca de La Sagra, Spain, while taking a selfie on his phone, according to the Mirror.
Rangers at Yellowstone National Park have issued warnings after several visitors have been gored by bisons this year while taking pictures. According to Telegraph, the fifth attack occurred in July when a woman disregarded warnings and came close to a bison to take a selfie.
Selfies have become much of a concern in Russia where the government released a guide on how to avoid uncertain death while taking a selfie. The “Safe Selfies” campaign to protect its citizens from themselves warns people to not take pictures on railroad tracks, with guns and weapons, or animals like tigers.
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