Man Tries to Take a Selfie With Rattlesnake, Racks up $150,000 Hospital Bill

// San Diego local Todd Fassler almost lost his life trying to take a selfie with a rattlesnake.


He wound up at the hospital with a $150,000 hospital bill after depleting the anti-venom antidote at two different hospitals. His bill included $83,341.25 worth of pharmaceutical services, $22,433 worth of laboratory services, and $17,766 for the intensive care room stay.

Fassler told 10News ABC San Diego that he once kept a rattlesnake as a pet and sent them a video showing him setting his snake free. He told the news station that he had the rattlesnake for over a year. However, he decided to let it back into the wild because he thought animal services would appreciate it.

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