Selfless University President Gives Away $200,000 Bonus to Students and Charities

The president of the University of Cincinnati, Santa Ono, just opted to have his $200,000 yearly bonus donated to students and charities.
President Ono is not the type of person to make a spectacle out of his finances just for attention. He has now turned down his six-figure bonuses three years in a row, according to a CNNMoney report.
On Tuesday, his donations were disclosed by the university’s board of trustees. The president of the board, Tom Humes, said:
“This may sound crazy, but it’s hard for us when someone turns down a raise. But we’ve learned that the way to satisfy President Ono is to give him the ability to help others. It’s not to help him. We heartily endorse his decision.”
Both in the spring of 2013 and last year, Ono was given bonuses of $100,000 that he heartily gave away. He said he would rather help students and faculty members instead.
Ono has a $525,000 annual salary; last year, 36 college presidents received $1 million or more in base salaries, while the position’s average salary was $400,000, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.
While Ono’s yearly income is relatively exorbitant (to the average American worker), his generosity is nothing short of remarkable. He has consistently given his money away to scholarships, student programs and university faculty members. He has also donated to high schools and charities, and just last week he gave $10,000 to the family of Cincinnati police officer Sonny Kim, who was killed serving while in the line of duty.
Ono understands the difficulty of affording college expenses, and this year he helped out the university’s students by requesting that the board keep tuition and fees unchanged for the 2015-16 school year.
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