Robber Gets Brutally Humiliated After Trying to Hold Up Chinese Convenience Store in Italy

A pair of robbers planned to grab some easy cash from a convenience store in Italy when they were foiled in the most humiliating manner possible by the quick-thinking Chinese couple who owns the shop.

The embarrassing botched heist attempt was captured by the surveillance camera inside the shop in Milan’s Chinatown, Shanghaiist reports.

In the footage, the two masked and hooded robbers, who are apparently armed with knives, are seen trying to force the shopkeeper to surrender his money from the cash register.

The shopkeeper, however, was able to quickly evade them and take a step back before returning with a pepper spray. Catching the two off guard, the man sprays them both on the face.

As one of the robbers flees, the shopkeeper grabs the other and throws him over the counter and begins to spank his butt. His wife then arrived and brought more pain to the robber by hitting his face and body. 

When the footage went viral on Chinese social media, the brave couple was collectively hailed by netizens for teaching the criminals a lesson on messing with Chinese businesses. 

Chinese store owners from different parts of the world have been known to be able to defend themselves from petty criminals.  Back in September of last year, a Chinese shopkeeper in Georgia was able to prevent an attempted robbery by shooting at three armed intruders who entered her home. In the same year, a shop owner in Australia chased away a robber using a pair of cleavers.

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