Armed Teen Tries to Rob Chinese Chef, Quickly Realizes He Messed With the Wrong Guy

A teen who tried to rob a Chinese restaurant in Queensland, Australia immediately regretted his decision when the owner decided to retaliate.

Armed with a knife, the 19-year-old went up to the counter. Instead of ordering food, he took out one knife from his pocket and passed a note along that read: “I have one knife, give me money”.

Hunter Hu, the restaurant owner, pretended to go along with the robber’s demands and asked him: “how much you want?”

Hu, 46, then went into the back pretending to grab the cash. Instead reemerges with not one, but two large cleavers and proceeds to chase the assailant down.

As he waved the weapons and chased down the man, he screamed out: “you have one knife, I have two!”

The teenager was found shortly by police at a nearby fast food restaurant and was arrested. Watch the whole drama unfold in the video below:

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