McDonald’s Has a Coveted Gold Card That Gives Free Food to Select VIPs

There is a super secret and super rare McDonald’s gold card in the hands of a number of royal McDonald’s elites.

The highly revered McDonald’s McGold Card was recently revealed by actor Rob Lowe on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show. The actor explained to an awed Kimmel that the card gave Lowe an unlimited supply of free McDonald’s food at the Santa Barbara and Goleta chains for a year.

“My buddy in Santa Barbara, his dad was one of the original McDonald’s franchisee and he invented the Egg McMuffin. He invented it and that to me is the greatest human achievement.

“He invented Ronald McDonald. He’s the guy that said to Ray Kroc you should have like a pedophile creepy looking clown.”

Lowe got his hands on one of these babies through a friend’s connection. His friend’s dad allegedly invented the classic Egg McMuffin sandwich as well as Ronald McDonald himself.

Members in the VIP club include Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

h/t: Gawker
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