Rich Kid Proposes to Girl With 999 Boxes of Condoms and Thongs

Rich Kid Proposes to Girl With 999 Boxes of Condoms and ThongsRich Kid Proposes to Girl With 999 Boxes of Condoms and Thongs
Ryan General
September 28, 2016
An odd gesture of love caught the heart of a Chinese girl after a boy expressed his feelings for her with a thousand boxes of condoms and a bouquet of G-strings.  
The proposal was even made more romantic with the guy’s effort to carefully arrange the condoms in the shape of a giant heart in the middle of a public plaza in Harbin in Heilongjiang, China.
Surrounded by a lifetime supply of contraceptives, the modern day Romeo knelt down on one knee and asked the lucky woman to be his girlfriend, reported NetEase (via Shanghaiist). To top it all off, a highly thoughtful  bouquet made of thongs was given in the end of the romantic moment.
As a true Cassanova, the guy also delivered one of the sweetest message of love ever with the line:
“On average, a man will have sex only 6,000 times in his life. I hope that every time I do, it will be with you,” he was quoted as saying by Life News.
Charmed by his gesture and the most romantic message, the woman accepted his proposal happily to the delight of the enamored crowd.
After his successful bid for the woman’s heart, the man announced that the condoms are free for everyone to get. The crowd went wild and took all the boxes of condoms in a matter of seconds.
The new couple then took a ride in the guy’s Porsche, leaving observers speculating which of among the gestures really caught the woman’s heart.
A similar stunt was tried earlier this month with a guy using 999 pomelos to express his love. Unfortunately, fruits didn’t fare better than the condoms.
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