Rep. Judy Chu: Anti-China rhetoric can lead to ‘harm and even murder of Asian Americans’

Rep. Judy Chu: Anti-China rhetoric can lead to ‘harm and even murder of Asian Americans’Rep. Judy Chu: Anti-China rhetoric can lead to ‘harm and even murder of Asian Americans’
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Michelle De Pacina
April 28, 2023
Democratic Rep. Judy Chu (D, CA-28) said that “rhetoric used around economic competition with Asian countries,” particularly China, can harm Asian Americans at a recent organization launch event.
On Wednesday, Chu delivered a speech during the opening of the Vincent Chin Institute, which is dedicated to combating anti-Asian hate. 

What we learned is that the rhetoric used around economic competition with Asian countries can result in the harm and even murder of Asian Americans here at home. Already, Asian Americans have been suffering three years of anti-Asian hate due to Trump calling COVID-19 “China virus” and “kung flu,” but now, the rhetoric and tension about the U.S.-China relationship comes on top of that, potentially escalating that violence. Today, the focus has shifted to extremists engaging in racial profiling of Chinese Americans due to this economic competition.

As a result, Chinese American scientists and researchers have been terrorized with accusations and their lives ruined. And most recently, numerous Chinese Americans, and even I, have been accused by extremist right-wing Republican congressmen, in particular this one from Texas, of being a spy for China.

Chu was likely referring to Rep. Lance Gooden’s (R, TX-5) remarks that questioned her loyalty to the U.S.
In an appearance on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime” in February, Gooden said that Chu should be denied access to classified materials and be investigated for previously defending Dominic Ng, the CEO of East West Bank in California, from accusations that he is working with the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing. 
The comment was quickly denounced by Chu’s democratic allies. Chu described Gooden’s remarks as “racist” and demanded an apology. 
The Vincent Chin Institute is named after Vincent Chin, a Chinese American man who was beaten to death in 1982 by white men who blamed Asians for job sector layoffs.
“I’ll never forget learning about Vincent Chin,” Chu said.

I’m beyond confident that the legacy of the Vincent Chin Institute will be extensive. We cannot let history repeat itself. The strongest way for us to combat this is by standing together. It is when we lock arms and unequivocally say ‘end the xenophobic rhetoric that puts lives in danger.

Chu is the first Chinese American woman elected to Congress.
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