Texas lawmaker denounced over ‘racist’ remarks questioning Rep. Judy Chu’s loyalty to US

Texas lawmaker denounced over ‘racist’ remarks questioning Rep. Judy Chu’s loyalty to USTexas lawmaker denounced over ‘racist’ remarks questioning Rep. Judy Chu’s loyalty to US
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Michelle De Pacina
February 24, 2023
House Democrats are demanding an apology from Rep. Lance Gooden (R, TX-5) over his “racist” remarks that questioned the loyalty of Rep. Judy Chu (D, CA-27) to the U.S.
In an appearance on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Wednesday, Gooden said that Chu, the first Chinese American woman elected to Congress, “needs to be called out.” 

I question her either loyalty or competence. If she doesn’t realize what’s going on, then she’s totally out of touch with one of her core constituencies. I’m really disappointed and shocked that someone like Judy Chu would have a security clearance and be entitled to confidential intelligence briefings until this is figured out.

Gooden, who is a third-term Texas Republican representative, believes Chu should be denied access to classified materials and be investigated for previously defending Dominic Ng, the CEO of East West Bank in California, from accusations that he is working with the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing.  
Ng was appointed by President Joe Biden last year to the chair of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Advisory Council. 
In a statement released on Thursday, Chu described Gooden’s remarks as “racist.” 

Rep. Gooden’s comments on Fox News questioning my loyalty to the USA is absolutely outrageous. It is based on false information spread by an extreme, right-wing website. Furthermore, it is racist. I very much doubt that he would be spreading these lies were I not of Chinese American descent.

Chu’s democratic allies have rushed to Chu’s defense and demanded an apology from Gooden. 
On Friday, Rep. Suzan DelBene (D, WA-1), head of the Democrats’ campaign arm, noted the importance of holding political colleagues accountable for “racist” statements, particularly anti-Asian rhetoric.

At a time when anti-Asian hate continues to threaten communities, it’s critical that we condemn these racist and xenophobic attacks immediately and hold our fellow colleagues accountable to rid our politics of such dangerous statements and hatred.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D, NY-8) also called out Gooden and pointed out his own “disloyalty” for siding with the majority of House Republicans for voting to overturn the presidential election results in favor of former President Donald Trump in 2021.

Lance Gooden’s slanderous accusation of disloyalty against Rep. Chu is dangerous, unconscionable and xenophobic. Congressman Gooden appears to sympathize with violent insurrectionists and spreads big lies to the American people, having voted not to certify the election of President Joe Biden. Look in the mirror, Lance. You have zero credibility.

Gooden then responded, “Rather than following facts that indicate the presence of Chinese espionage, Chu and Jeffries are playing the race card in a sick display of disloyalty to our nation.”
The dispute comes as lawmakers in both parties take steps to limit the power of Beijing in global affairs. Beijing’s influence has become an urgent matter due to China’s ties to Russia and the concerns that Beijing might aid Moscow amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.
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