Racist, Facebook Stalking Restaurant Owner Refuses to Quit in Yelp Review War

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October 27, 2014
Yesterday, we reported on how customer Ruchu Tan was harassed with racial slurs and threats through his personal Facebook account after leaving a one-star rating for Asian fusion restaurant Ninja City in Cleveland, Ohio.
It turns out the story didn’t end there. After Tan made Ninja City owner Bac Nguyen’s response public, Nguyen sent a video on September 10 via Facebook apologizing for his actions.
Bac Nguyen’s colleagues were also cced in the email. (click to enlarge)
Things could’ve been all good from there, but Nguyen and his team started using Tan’s full name as hashtags in their social media posts.
From there, Tan sought Yelp’s help in getting the owner to stop using his name. (click to enlarge)
While Tan has apparently sent multiple requests for Nguyen and his associates to stop singling him out, from the looks of it, it seems like the posts have continued well into the middle of this month, including posts that refer to Tan as “fraud boi.”
According to Tan, the posts with his name have been deleted. He currently helps run a Facebook group calling customers to boycott the restaurant. The page’s about section reads:

“On September 8, 2014, Bac Nguyen sent messages threatening and personally attacking customers, in retaliation for an unflattering Yelp review of his restaurant Ninja City Kitchen and Bar. He did not send an apology until the victims stated they would otherwise go public with the messages. However, even after the apologies, Nguyen continued to harass and taunt the victims. Nguyen’s bullying tactics and complete unprofessionalism hurt more than the individual customers. They hurt the country’s perception of Cleveland. This is a group devoted to holding Bac Nguyen accountable for his actions and promoting a safe and tolerant environment for Cleveland consumers.”

Ruchu Tan told NextShark that in the end, his aim isn’t to try and put Nguyen’s restaurant out of business, but to simply get him to publicly apologize and stop his behavior. Regardless though, Bac Nguyen gets brownie points for his clever usage of the Pusheen cat emoji.
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