QAnon ‘Queen of Canada’ group threatens village with executions for ‘treason’

QAnon ‘Queen of Canada’ group threatens village with executions for ‘treason’QAnon ‘Queen of Canada’ group threatens village with executions for ‘treason’
via The Official Kingdom of Canada Channel, CBCSaskatchewan
The self-proclaimed “Queen of Canada” is back in the headlines after her group allegedly threatened a remote village with public executions for “treason” and “crimes against humanity.”
Catch up: The group, which calls itself the “Kingdom of Canada,” is headed by Romana Didulo, a Filipino immigrant who gained notoriety as a QAnon figure. After being forced out of the town of Kamsack, the group made its way into the village of Richmound in the same province of Saskatchewan on Sept. 15.
Didulo and her followers have since stayed at the former Richmound School after being invited by its property owner. A playground close to the school has been shut down to prevent encounters between the group and children.

What they allegedly said: After residents staged a protest in late September, the group on Oct. 2 sent at least four “cease and desist” emails to Richmound leaders, Mayor Brad Miller told CBC News. They reportedly accused him, village councilors, fire department members, Canadian police members, a local journalist and a schoolteacher of bullying, stalking and corruption.
The group allegedly coerced the village to obey the decrees of the “queen.” Anyone found guilty of “treason” and “crimes against humanity” would face “publicly broadcast execution upon yourselves, and undeserved devastation upon your children, grandchildren and families,” the notice allegedly said.
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How authorities are responding: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have set up a mobile detachment in Richmound and began an investigation on the alleged threats, according to CTV News. Ricky Manz, the school’s property owner, was arrested on Oct. 11 and charged with assault after an altercation.
Didulo, for her part, has reportedly refused to go outside of the school and communicate with Miller. The village is now focused on driving the group out legally.
“We just want her out,” the mayor told Vice News. “We want our health and safety back. We want the love of our community back to where it was.”
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