Followers of QAnon ‘Queen of Canada’ face mounting problems after being convinced utilities are free

Followers of QAnon ‘Queen of Canada’ face mounting problems after being convinced utilities are freeFollowers of QAnon ‘Queen of Canada’ face mounting problems after being convinced utilities are free
Rebecca Moon
May 11, 2022
After being persuaded to disregard bill payments by a Filipino QAnon influencer who told her followers that she is the Queen of Canada, believers are now facing thousands of dollars’ worth of bills and utility outages. 
Romana Didulo rose to popularity over the last two years after several QAnon influencers “confirmed” that she had sovereign power over Canada, growing over 70,000 followers on the instant messaging platform Telegram. 
QAnon is a far-right political conspiracy theory movement that believes a group of cannibalistic pedophiles are waging a secret war against former President Donald Trump, whom the movement views as a hero. 
Didulo posted a series of “royal decrees” on Telegram claiming that bill payments are not necessary. “Decree 24” stated that electricity became free in Canada, while “Decree 23” declared water bills were now illegal. “Decree 79” claimed that rent prices had reverted to rates from 1955. 
One of Didulo’s followers pushed other believers to abide by the “royal decrees” after she “stopped paying hydro, weather, natural gas, property taxes, line of credit, and my credit cards.”
Many others who have also since posted about no longer paying their bills – including many who are elderly and rely on fixed incomes – have now had their utilities shut down and are collecting thousands of dollars’ worth of bills. 
“Dear (Queen Romana), when will the service companies stop shutting off our services for nonpayment?” one follower commented. “I just had my water supply shut off today in Stratford, Ontario.”
In response, Didulo told her believers that the bills were being sent by robots, and several of her followers began rallying to send emails to utility companies that “they are committing criminal offenses against We The People.”
Extremist researcher Christine Sarteschi pointed out that Didulo’s followers will have to “learn the hard way,” as “they may not even realize that it’s not real.”
Didulo also recently convinced her followers that she was in contact with President Joe Biden and receiving governmental orders. On April 30, Didulo posted a video to her YouTube channel where she claimed that President Biden requested for her to act as “the mediator between the United States and Russia.”
“I address you today as your commander in chief and Queen,” Didulo said. “To the Russian and American people, I address you as the mediator between the United States and Russia pertaining to the Ukraine crises. I have been requested by the commander in chief of the United States armed forces to act as the mediator between Russia and the United States.”

She is currently on a crowd-funded tour using a rented RV with her followers, doing meet and greets in Canada. 
Feature Image via Reine Romana Didulo
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