Woman Goes HAM After Winning Card Game, Dislocates Jaw from Screaming

In today’s “WTF news”: a woman dislocated her jaw after she got too excited about being dealt a good hand in a card game and had to be hospitalized because of the injury.
On the 28-hour train journey from the provincial capital Nanning to eastern Shandong Province’s Qingdao City, Mrs. Qiao and her husband, both in their 40s, were playing what they thought was a harmless game of cards, reports the Daily Mail.
Upon receiving a fortunate series of hands, Mrs. Qiao began laughing and screaming in the cabin. Her good humor, however, came to a shuddering halt when she heard a pop in her jaw. She realized her card game was no longer funny when she experienced excruciating pain rushing to her mouth.  
The train staff sympathized with Mrs. Qiao’s condition and sped up the train to reach the next city, Guilin, faster.
When they finally reached Guilin, a medical staff was waiting and quickly assessed Mrs. Qiao’s jaw.
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