Vladimir Putin Works Out in $3,200 Sweats, Drinks Tea With His Best Bro

Russian President Vladimir Putin, also a former KGB colonel and no stranger to feats of badassery, spent last Sunday with his best bro doing best bro things like lifting weights, grilling steaks and drinking tea in outfits that cost thousands of dollars.

At the Bocharov Ruchei state residence in the resort town of Sochi, Putin hosted his protégé, former Russian President and current Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev for some leisurely bro-bonding at an open-air gym, according to Quartz.

The two authority figures wore outfits that complemented each other. Putin wore a pair of $1,425 cashmere and silk jogger pants made by Loro Piana. Although he only wore his jacket for a portion of the time, his outfit in total is estimated to have cost $3,200.

While the Russian president and prime minister appeared to have been staging the gathering — Putin is known for his macho photo ops — it seemed like the two enjoyed each other’s company.

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