Watch: ‘The Price is Right’ contestant dislocates shoulder while celebrating win

Watch: ‘The Price is Right’ contestant dislocates shoulder while celebrating win
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June 21, 2023
A highly energetic “The Price is Right” contestant suffered an unfortunate injury during a moment of celebration last week. 
A bonkers win: The contestant, named Henry, dislocated his right shoulder after winning a game called “Bonkers” in the popular, long-running game show. 
Henry’s challenge was to accurately guess the price and secure a trip to the tropical paradise of Hawaii. He accomplished the feat on his very first attempt, prompting an outburst of excitement that ultimately led to him jumping and flailing his arms in jubilation. 

Alice saves the day: Host Drew Carey would later bring out Henry and his wife Alice to reveal that she would step in and spin the big wheel on her husband’s behalf due to the mishap.
“Let me explain what happened. Henry was celebrating and going ‘woo,’ and he dislocated his shoulder,” Carey said.  
Alice pulled off a 95 out of 100, earning cheers from the crowd and a slightly tapered-down reaction from Henry, to move to the game show’s Showcase Showdown, which Henry did not have the same luck in winning.
Henry’s recovery: A clip of the segment was uploaded on the show’s Instagram page on Friday, with the playful caption, “He won a trip to Hawaii and the ER.”
The post, which provided an update that Henry has since made a full recovery, received comments from users who cheered Henry on for carrying on despite his injury.
“What a trooper!” commented one user. “He stayed the entire game obviously in pain.”
“Glad to hear,” a commenter wrote about Henry’s improved condition. “He looked like during the rest of the show that he had been given pain medication or a shot. His wife spun the wheel for him 😢 Yeap he’s a trooper 💪🏼”
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