Powdered Alcohol Finally Approved By Federal Government, Set to Go On Sale This Summer

Powdered Alcohol Finally Approved By Federal Government, Set to Go On Sale This Summer
Jacob Wagner
By Jacob Wagner
March 12, 2015
Powdered alcohol is back, baby! CNNMoney reports that the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has finally approved Palcohol for sale.
Palcohol, a product of Lipsmark LLC,  began its rise to the consumer market early last year before the government shut it down over concerns it would be abused by kids.
Part of that concern was also due to Lipsmark’s over-the-top marketing scheme, which suggested sneaking Palcohol into stadiums and concerts, mixing it into food and even snorting it to get drunk instantly.
Palcohol’s creator, Mark Phillips, explained in a video that the “edgy wording” gave people the wrong impression about Palcohol and “everything went nuts.” Phillips clarified in a video:

“Because of the amount of alcohol in powdered alcohol, snorting it is very painful … It burns a lot. It hurts. Why would someone spend an hour of pain and misery snorting all of this powder to get one shot into their system?”

Regardless of the clarification, Palcohol is still subject to state legislation, and states and politicians have already begun their campaign t Palcohol.
Palcohol is already prohibited in Alaska, and six other states, including Louisiana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont and Virgina, are taking regulatory action against the product.
New York Senator Charles Schumer introduced a bill this week prohibiting the powdered alcohol. Schumer explained in a statement:

“I am in total disbelief that our federal government has approved such an obviously dangerous product … Congress must take matters into its own hands and make powered alcohol illegal.”

And once again, our curiosity on what powdered alcohol will taste like, how it can be used and what happens when one of us is dumb enough to snort it has come back to life.
Palcohol is set to go on sale in available markets by this summer.
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