Federal Agency: “Sike!” No Powdered Alcohol For You

For all of you hoping that powdered alcohol was coming to a store near you, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has just said, “Sike!”

The federal agency released a statement today that their approval of Palcohol’s powdered vodka, rum, and other cocktails were made “in error.” According to the company that makes Palcohol, Tempe, Arizona based Lipsmark LLC, “there seemed to be a discrepancy [about] how much powder” is in the packets which are meant to be mixed with liquids to create your alcoholic drink. Lipsmark said today it will resubmit their product for approval again.


Palcohol has been gaining a lot of interest with the public because of the drunken possibilities that only powdered alcohol can bring. On their website, Palcohol suggested bringing it to football stadiums and concerts, mixing it into food, and even played with the idea of snorting it. According to CNNMoney, those posts have since been removed by the company which claims those were just edgy marketing techniques not meant to go public.

Palcohol, if ever approved, hopes to become the first powdered booze company in the U.S. but will still only be available for anyone over the age of 21. Most critics of the product question how safe powdered alcohol will really be. Would you give up Grey Goose for some powdered vodka? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Source: CNNMoney


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