AI-created images of Pikachu are the farthest thing from kawaii

AI-created images of Pikachu are the farthest thing from kawaiiAI-created images of Pikachu are the farthest thing from kawaii
AI Pikachu Image
Michelle De Pacina
December 29, 2021
Illustrations of a  Pikachu drawn by artificial intelligence shocked social media users with its creepiness.
Pikachu’s nightmare: Twitter user @same_dagon requested that the Dream by Wombo application generate a “Wild Pikachu living in Tokiwa Forest,” but the unexpected results were terrifying.
  • The AI image result, which he shared on Twitter on Dec. 20, has garnered over 56,000 likes and nearly 13,000 retweets as of this writing. 
  • In the drawing, Pikachu appears to be in an eerie forest and is horrifyingly deformed or mutilated, with red splatters across the images, evoking the appearance of blood. 
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  • The Twitter user generated more Pikachu drawings, which he included in a Twitter thread. “I thought my face was scary, so I asked him to draw ‘Pikachu with a smile,’ but I was far away,” he said about another AI generation.
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  • “When I asked him to draw ‘The cutest Pikachu in the world,’ he was made into an animal like a rabbit covered with Pikachu’s skin,” he shared.
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  • He also shared a “Horror Pikachu” drawn by the AI. “I thought this wouldn’t work once so I deleted it, but when I took a nap, I found something like that in my dreams so I made it monochrome,” he wrote.
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  • According to Grape Japan, AI uses Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to create its original artwork. Many applications feature the GAN art, which also produces “very surprising results.”
Featured Images via @same_dagon (left, right)
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