This Man’s Hilarious Instagram Account Documents His Life as a Third Wheel

This Man’s Hilarious Instagram Account Documents His Life as a Third Wheel
Riley Schatzle
July 17, 2015
This is perhaps the funniest Instagram account in the history of third wheels.
Peter Alden, 29, is a single man who lives in New York City. He works for a 3D interactive software start-up, but he spends most of his time third wheeling for his brother Ben and his best friend Marissa Evans, both of whom recently got engaged to each other.
Alden told BuzzFeed that when Ben and Marissa started dating he was always around. About two years later, the couple moved into the same house together, of which Alden said:

“I had to move out on my own. I tried to live with them, but nooooo.”

Despite not living in the same house as Ben and Marissa, Alden continued to accept their third wheel invitations.
Alden said that the whole thing started as a funny joke, but whenever they tried to take a cute picture, Alden would photobomb it. Everyone thought it was funny, especially their mother.
Alden said of the popularity of his Imnotathirdwheel Instagram account, which has over 59,000 followers:
“It ends up being the talk of a lot of parties. People want to know who takes the photo, they want to be ‘a guest couple’, they want to suggest ‘ideas for the next third wheel photo’ … ”
Perhaps guest couples will be featured in the future, but for now Alden is focused on being his brother’s best man. Alden knows the engagement will provide endless opportunities to capture more priceless photos.
On the future of the account, Alden told BuzzFeed:

“Maybe I find myself a girlfriend … maybe they move away … maybe I’m a third wheel for life.”

While the third wheel life sounds infinitely depressing, the idea of more outrageous third wheel photos is undeniably compelling.
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