PETA Creates Halloween Costume Where Cecil the Lion Gets Revenge

PETA Creates Halloween Costume Where Cecil the Lion Gets Revenge
Riley Schatzle
By Riley Schatzle
August 28, 2015
PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, have the Halloween costume of the year in “Cecil’s Revenge.”
After dentist Walter Palmer killed Zimbabwe’s beloved Cecil the Lion in late July, the internet made sure he faced severe repercussions by essentially shaming him into going into hiding.
However, PETA found their own way to make sure Palmer pays for killing the innocent lion by creating a satirical costume of Cecil tearing into the infamous dentist’s shoulder.
Priced at $139, the costume “features a dentist’s uniform with a ‘Dr. Palmer’ name tag, complete with a plush lion grabbing the dental coat from behind, leaving bloody claw marks. Accessorized with a drill, a toothbrush, or a toy crossbow.”
All the proceeds from Cecil’s Revenge will go straight to PETA. The organization’s president, Ingrid Newkirk, said on their blog
“As animals continue to die in agony at the hands of trophy hunters, it’s only fitting for people to make fun of Palmer for his illegal, violent pursuit.”
PETA’s version of the Cecil the Lion costume is at least more tasteful than the decapitated head and dentist costume this site is selling.
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