People in China Have a Creepy Way to Stop People From Using Their High-Beams

It appears China’s unorthodox way of dealing with high-beam offenders has not been as effective in deterring people from using the bright headlights when unnecessary. Some Chinese drivers have even decided to take the matters into their own hands and began dealing with them themselves.
A number of local drivers have been spotted using scary decals for their rear windows to discourage  people from keeping their high beam headlights on when driving behind them.
The spooky stickers, which are designed to illuminate when hit by the lights of a high beam, are now sold on various sites like Taobao and are growing in popularity, reports Xinhua (via Mashable). Common designs feature horror movie characters like Sadako from “the Ring” films.
Available between $3 and $18, the decals become visible only when a light source is shone on them, as commonly claimed by the listings online.
Local traffic enforcers in some locations in China have already spoken against using the creepy decals as they may potentially cause accidents. Shandong police reportedly imposed 100 yuan ($15) fines to drivers found to be using such decals, while Beijing police has left the responsibility of any resulting accidents to the drivers.
There are, of course, other options for those who are not into spooking other drivers with monsters:
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