Chinese Drivers Who Blind Others With Their Headlights Get the Best Punishment

Police officers in Shenzhen have found a way to make insensitive drivers learn their lesson — give them a taste of their medicine.

Motorists illegally using their blinding high beams lights at night are made to stare at their own headlights for a whole minute, Shenzhen police warned through Weibo.

Violators will also lose points on their license, must recite regulations, and pay 300 yuan ($45).

This “eye for an eye” punishment was first tested in 2014, but the earlier arrangement sought a longer ordeal of five minutes on the driver’s end. Netizens first thought it was a joke.


Now, police have upgraded to using a chair specially designed for the violation, Shanghaiist said.

It looks like something kids would love to sit on, but for irresponsible drivers, it’s close to some medieval torture.

The practice seemed to gain the approval of many netizens, with one even saying:

“The whole country should implement this immediately.”

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