This is What a Bunch of Rich Dudes Bickering on Twitter Looks Like

Billionaires don’t take kindly to people who bash on their T.V. shows as one Silicon Valley investor learned after suggesting that the iconic show “Shark Tank” was a waste of time for entrepreneurs.

Paul Graham is one of Silicon Valley’s defining venture capitalists and co-founder of Y Combinator, the elite startup accelerator program with a low acceptance rate that birthed startups like Airbnb and Dropbox.

Graham also firmly believes in success through building great products as opposed to success through great marketing — something that he rather dislikes about the show “Shark Tank”. He made that known with his tweet this week:


However billionaire investor Chris Sacca, an early investor in Uber and Twitter who served as a guest judge on the show, and Mark Cuban, a regular judge on the show and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, quickly fired back at Graham with the alleged entitled elitism that Y Combinator promotes:

Graham eventually responded to Sacca with:

Both may have good points — you do need a great product, but no product, however ingenious, can make it in a competitive world without good marketing and possibly the most important factor of all — luck.


h/t: Business Insider
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