Drunk College Student Emails Professor, Receives the Best Response Ever

A student called out his professor in an email for being bald and then asked him for an extension on his essay because he was too drunk to meet the initial deadline — his professor replied with hilarity.  

Patrick Davidson, a student at an unnamed U.S. college, emailed his professor, Mr. Martin, one evening while severely intoxicated and knowing full well that he needed to attend class the next day.

While the email was unprofessional and a grammatical mess, it was sent with good intentions, or at least that’s what Mr. Martin must have thought as he replied to the intoxicated young man with a humorous rebuttal.

Here’s what Davidson wrote in his drunken stupor:

Here’s what his professor sent back:

While Davidson’s email worked out in the end, it should not be used as a template for future deadline extension requests. In fact, this type of email is has grounds for severe consequences at most universities.

That being said, universities and colleges should hire more professors like Mr. Martin who can see life outside of the classroom.

Source: Mirror
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