It Looks Like a Normal Bracelet, But it Does Something Extraordinary

In today’s age of Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud and Snapchat, having a fully charged phone is essential to keeping up with the latest and greatest trends. However, carrying around a charger is not trendy, unless of course it is wrapped around your wrist and looks like an awesome wristband.

Adapt Technology has came up with the perfect solution by creating a wristband that looks like a trendy accessory, but transforms into a charger when you take it off.

Inspired by professional skateboarder Nyjah Huston and his friends Nathan Groff, Noah James and Will Nichols, the bracelet can charge or sync both your lightning and micro USB devices.

The new charger could help reinvent the way people travel with technology and is offered in white, red and black.

h/t: Supercompressor
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