Watch GoPro’s Billionaire Founder Try a $13 Million Wave Pool Before Buying It

Watch GoPro’s Billionaire Founder Try a $13 Million Wave Pool Before Buying It
Riley Schatzle
By Riley Schatzle
August 17, 2015

Nick Woodman, the billionaire founder of GoPro, plans to build his own personal wave pool where he can shred wicked waves without having to deal with swell or wind conditions.
Woodman published a video last week of his trip to the world’s first inland surf lagoon in Northern Wales.
Shot entirely on the new Hero4 camera, Woodman and his team got raw footage of the artificial surf experience at the new resort in the Snowdonia mountains.
According to the Guardian, the wave pool is the size of six football fields in length and produces an unfestered six-foot wave once a minute that travels for almost 500 feet before dissipating softly into the shore.
The waves are created by a wedge, similar to a snowplough, which travels under the central pier for nearly 600 feet. Once the wedge makes its way to one end it travels back to the other end, creating 19-second intervals for each wave. The surfers are protected by a metal net that separates the waves from the wedge.
The Snowdonia Wavegarden was originally an old aluminum industrial plant that closed in 2007, but after 12 months of renovation and roughly $13 million, the park opened with features including the Crash & Splash water-based obstacle lagoon, a surf-side bar, coffee shops, retail space and, most importantly, the wave garden.
While constructing the artificial wave garden took roughly one year and a sizable check, Woodman is convinced he will have one in his own backyard.
Woodman is one of the richest men in tech with an estimated net worth of $2.3 billion.
h/t: Stabmag
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