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Chinese government drafts law that punishes parents for their children’s bad behavior

Chinese government drafts law

A new law in China that would make parents accountable for their children’s “bad behavior” is expected for review at the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee session later this week.

The new law: Under the Family Education Promotion Law, parents will be forced to attend family education programs should their children violate school rules, USA Today reported. They could also face punishment if their children, under the age of 16, commit a crime.

Chinese father uses online studies to develop a homemade treatment for his son’s rare genetic disease

Menkes disease home-made treatment

A Chinese father took it upon himself to develop a cure for a rare genetic disease that his son was diagnosed with. 

A father’s devotion: Xu Wei, a 30-year-old online entrepreneur with no prior college education, devoted his time to learning and developing medicine at home after his one-year-old son Haoyang was diagnosed with Menkes disease, reported South China Morning Post

Father in China begs police to arrest him because his daughter couldn’t solve a math problem

Chinese father freaks

A Chinese father publicly broke down in the middle of a road because his child could not solve a mathematics equation.

The breakdown: A resident of Kunshan in Jiangsu eastern China laid down in the middle of a road as he begged police to detain him because his daughter failed to solve a simple math problem, reported South China Morning Post

‘Worker Lives Matter’ campaign challenges grueling ‘996’ corporate culture in China

996 culture

Disgruntled employees who’ve had enough of China’s hellish “996” culture are protesting against excessive work hours with a campaign called “Worker Lives Matter.”

No more: In order to combat 996, which stand for working from 9 a.m to 9 p.m. six days a week, anonymous Chinese office workers created and shared a spreadsheet called “WorkingTime” that allowed professionals to record their daily hours, number of workdays, job descriptions and lunch breaks, according to Bloomberg.

13-year-old girl who pretended to be a boy to get into a Chinese pop group is being compared to Mulan

girl lied

Social media users have compared a girl who lied about her gender to enter into China’s boy band industry to the Chinese legendary folk heroine, Mulan.

Gender outed: Fu Jiayuan, 13, pretended to be a boy so she could become a member of the training program for the group YGN Youth Club, according to BBC. The company only trains pre-teen boys aged between 11 and 13 to molds them into future idols.

Taiwanese teacher pissed off over inattentive students does what other teachers can only dream of doing

Taiwanese teacher flips desks

A Taiwanese teacher went viral on TikTok after a video was uploaded of her flipping tables inside her classroom during what appears to be an emotional outburst following the reopening of classes.

About the video: The viral clip shows the teacher, who is in her 30s, taking out her frustration on several desks in a high school in Taichung on Sept. 13, according to AsiaOne.

China ‘fully able’ to invade Taiwan by 2025, Taipei defense chief says amid worst tensions in 40 years

Taiwan relations with China

Taiwanese defense minister Chiu Kuo-cheng believes China will be able to launch a “full-scale” invasion of Taiwan by 2025, noting that current tensions are the “toughest” he has seen in over four decades.

Driving the news: Chiu made the assessment at a parliamentary meeting Wednesday, days after Beijing sent 150 warplanes to the self-governed island’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). The area is international airspace but Taipei considers it a buffer, according to AP News.

‘I have nothing left to live for’: Evergrande meeting descends into chaos as investor pulls knife and threatens to kill herself

Evergrande video

A compilation video that shows desperate investors confronting Evergrande staff amid the company’s financial issues has gone viral on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

The confrontation: The 10-minute-long video was published on Sept. 29 to Weibo by local news site Xing Tai Shen Bian Shi, who did not specify when and where the videos were taken, according to Insider.

Some Chinese parents are paying as much as $50 an hour to have their children tutored for jump roping

jump rope exam

Many Chinese parents are enrolling their children in jump rope schools that cost $50 an hour in the hopes of landing scholarships through China’s national jump rope exams.

No longer a playground activity: The Chinese government introduced physical education requirements, including a national jump rope exam in 2014, according to the Wall Street Journal.

China begins crackdown on kids’ shows with ban on popular Japanese series ‘Ultraman Tiga’

children shows and cartoons get the crackdown

The Chinese government’s crackdown on entertainment continues with its most recent announcement of an upcoming ban on certain cartoons and other made-for-children programs. 

End to animation?: On Friday, China’s National Radio and Television Administration released a statement on its website announcing the prohibition of children’s shows that contain “any mention of violence, blood, vulgarity or pornography,” reported CNN