New Luxury Resort Offering Jacuzzi and Massages for Pigs Opens in China

There is a new exotic water park in Qingyuan, Guangdong that only admits pigs and piglets.
People’s Daily Online reports that the luxury resort is a part of leisure park called Tian Ye wildlife that lets pigs swim, dive and frolic in relaxation as the sun beats down on the rest of China with sweltering vigor.
The piglets only get to swim and play once a day under the watch of a supervised staff, while the adult pigs are let out into the water resort three times a day. All pigs young and old get to enjoy the luxury of a hot jacuzzi and deep body massages at any time during the day.
The park was created to give the pigs the ability to exercise during the hot summer months in China without dehydrating or overheating.
What comes as a surprise, however, are reports that say the pigs have become healthier and stronger due to their new playground.
Source: DailyMail
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