South Koreans in New Jersey will now have an easier time getting driver’s licenses

South Koreans in New Jersey will now have an easier time getting driver’s licensesSouth Koreans in New Jersey will now have an easier time getting driver’s licenses
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New Jersey has entered into a new agreement with South Korea that simplifies the driver’s license reciprocity between the New Jersey citizens living in South Korea and South Koreans living in New Jersey.
Key details: Announced on Oct. 18 by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, the new landmark agreement was signed between the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) and the National Police Agency of the Republic of Korea (NPA) through a memorandum of understanding (MOU).
What they are saying: Speaking while in Seoul, Murphy noted that both New Jersey and South Korean leaders have “come together to make life simpler for all of our residents.”
“Our state is stronger when we open our doors to create new economic opportunities and innovate new solutions to our greatest challenges,” Murphy continued. “The last thing that should ever stand in the way of New Jerseyans and South Koreans working together is administrative hurdles.”
NPA chief Hee-geun Yoon noted that the agreement between New Jersey and South Korea would help enhance the quality of life of over 100,000 South Koreans living in the state.
About the agreement: Under the new MOU agreement, Korean citizens living in New Jersey will be able to convert their licenses without the need to go through the traditional application process. This agreement also applies to New Jersey residents living in South Korea.
NJMVC Acting Chief Administrator Latrecia Littles-Floyd added that the agreement “makes a lot of sense,” as both jurisdictions have similar driver testing standard.
“It will equally benefit drivers in New Jersey and South Korea, allowing them to easily exchange their licenses and smoothing the transition when moving between our two lands,” Little-Floyd continued.
Traveling to East Asia: Murphy’s visit to South Korea was part of a nine-day economic mission to the region, which also included a stop in Japan.
Other agreement: Murphy also signed an agreement that would help bolster the economic growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in New Jersey and Seoul.
The governor also signed four agreements between New Jersey and South Korean universities as a way to deepen “bilateral educational exchange.” Some of the universities mentioned include Rutgers, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Kean University.
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