Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ live-action series hits No. 1 in 84 countries

Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ live-action series hits No. 1 in 84 countriesNetflix’s ‘One Piece’ live-action series hits No. 1 in 84 countries
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Ryan General
September 4, 2023
The “One Piece” live-action adaptation on Netflix has swiftly become a global sensation, smashing records and potentially redefining the live-action anime genre.
A global phenomenon: Netflix’s highly anticipated series, based on Eiichiro Oda‘s massively popular Japanese manga series of the same name, captivated audiences worldwide immediately after it premiered on the platform on Aug. 31. Within three days, the series became the top show in over 84 countries, surpassing even Netflix juggernauts like “Stranger Things” and “Wednesday.”
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Setting a new standard: The commercial and critical success of “One Piece” season 1 has broken the streak of failed Hollywood anime adaptations, setting a new benchmark for future live-action adaptations. Among the numerous films and shows that failed to capture the original works’ quality include the 2009 film “Dragon Ball: Evolution and 2017’s “Ghost in the Shell,” as well as Netflix’s own “Death Note” (2017) and “Cowboy Bebop” (2021) adaptations.
Critical and audience acclaim: The series has also received a positive consensus score of 83% based on 40 critic reviews and a 96% audience score based on over 10,000 ratings on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. 
“One Piece captures the essence of its beloved source material with a charmingly big-hearted adaptation that should entertain longtime fans as well as patient newcomers,” the platform’s critics’ consensus states. 
Realizing Oda’s vision: Distinguished by its unique approach to the beloved manga and anime, the show strikes a balance between fresh narrative choices and faithfulness to the iconic characters and their backstories. The first season advances certain character arcs and storylines ahead of the original series, making it more accessible to newcomers while preserving the charm of “One Piece.” 
Oda’s involvement: Critics have noted that the involvement of Oda, being one of the show’s executive producers, played a pivotal role in the show’s success. Oda collaborated closely with the showrunners to seamlessly translate the manga’s vibrant world into live action. Oda’s influence reportedly extended to script approval, ensuring that every aspect of the series met his standards.
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