‘Naked’ Baristas Serve Coffee in New York For New Ad Campaign

‘Naked’ Baristas Serve Coffee in New York For New Ad Campaign
Riley Schatzle
By Riley Schatzle
July 16, 2015

Some New Yorkers were shocked when they found out their local baristas were serving coffee naked.
On April 24, Nestlé and their brand agency, 360i, took over an Irving Farm Coffee Roasters store in New York City to solicit Nestlé’s new Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss creamer — in a natural way.
Michael Nuzzo, the group creative director at 360i, said:
“Nobody really sits around and thinks about coffee creamer. But when they do, they kind of go, ‘Hmmm.’
Nestlé and 360i dressed baristas and specific customers in nothing but body paint. When they opened their doors to the public, New Yorkers were taken aback when they realized that their baristas were standing in front of them naked.
The brand agency wanted to do something different with their new anti-artificial creamer in an attempt to appeal to a younger demographic.
The hired models fashioned in body paint worked the whole day serving up free coffee. The agency told Adweek that local New Yorkers were more surprised to find out the coffee was free than they were with that the barista staff was nude.
Currently, many cities, including New York, operate under a legal grey area when considering civilians who are dressed in only body paint. Some cities claim it to be indecent exposure while other cities recognize it as art or freedom of speech.
Source: AdWeek
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