Aspiring Taiwanese Model Raped and Murdered by Fake Photographer

Aspiring Taiwanese Model Raped and Murdered by Fake PhotographerAspiring Taiwanese Model Raped and Murdered by Fake Photographer
 A hopeful 22-year-old Taiwanese model met a grisly end at the hands of a man who claimed to be a photographer.
Cheng Yu, 24, and his girlfriend Liang Ssu-Hui, 22, were arrested for the death of Naomi Chen, whose body was found in the underground parking space of an abandoned shopping mall in Taipei.
According to The Coverage, Cheng pretended to be a photographer and invited Naomi to a photoshoot via his girlfriend. Naomi and Liang were reportedly friends for two years.
Investigations found that Naomi was sexually assaulted before being strangled to death.
At first, Cheng admitted that he killed Naomi but denied raping her. But as police officers showed evidence of her naked body and underwear found away from her, he then admitted the sexual assault.
Cheng disposed Naomi’s body and took her valuables, including a mobile phone, before boarding two trains with Liang and checking-in at a five-star hotel through Naomi’s credit card.
Clueless, Naomi’s family called numerous times to check on her, but Liang allegedly replied that Naomi was busy.
Cheng then tried to get rid of Naomi’s phone at the hotel. Fortunately, a vigilant staff member spotted and inspected it the next day.
The staff apparently heard of the news over Naomi’s death. From there, he became suspicious and reached out to authorities.
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