Singaporean Couple Meets Online Playing Diablo, Gets Badass Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Alvin Lau was a Crusader when he met Alexis Loo, a Demon Hunter, in the exciting world of the role-playing video game Diablo III. The two Diablo gamers would eventually become friends and shortly after, a married couple, Kotaku reported.


Last year, just before the pair got married, they celebrated their game-ignited romance with a pre-wedding photoshoot in a true Diablo-esque fashion.

The themed pre-wedding photo series,  titled “Revenge of the Nephalem,” was helmed by Cinematic Photography Director Mezame Shashin-ka with the help of Singapore-based pop culture marketing guild Neo Tokyo Project, which provided costumes and weapon props for the couple.

Since Diablo-themed scenery is hard to come by in Singapore (dungeons, cemeteries, and dark caves), Shashin-ka improvised by using a green screen as a backdrop and found some other locations which it then added later during post production editing.

“Singapore is a small country with limited locations – and we photographers face the issue of not being able to shoot our subjects in key locations that we think work best for our final images,” Shashin-ka wrote on his website

“To counter the locations issues, I had to shoot the backdrops on location at various places in Singapore, shoot the couple separately in a studio with a grey backdrop,” he added.

Location challenges aside, the team was able to pull off an awesome-looking photoshoot, turning the gaming couple into convincing Diablo characters.

Watch the photoshoot’s behind-the-scenes video below.

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