Moonbin’s sister Moon Sua leaves 2 heartfelt notes at his memorial

Moonbin’s sister Moon Sua leaves 2 heartfelt notes at his memorial
Daniel Anderson
April 25, 2023
Iris Jung
April 25, 2023
Moon Sua, the younger sister to the late Moonbin of K-pop boy group ASTRO, has left a heartfelt note at the memorial site set up by ASTRO agency Fantagio.
Moonbin, 25, was found dead by his manager at his home in Seoul’s Gangnam district on April 19.
An official autopsy is still underway, but initial police statements claim the singer appeared to have taken his own life. Rumors stemming from fan tweets claim Moonbin’s family released a statement saying he died of a stroke; however, the only official statement that has been released by the family is a request for privacy during the funeral process.
On Monday, netizens posted online that Moon Sua, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and fellow ASTRO members JinJin and MJ visited Fantagio’s memorial site to read fan letters dedicated to Moonbin and share their own personal notes to the deceased ASTRO member.
Moon Sua, who herself is a K-pop idol in the girl group Billlie, left Moonbin a letter and notebook.
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Moon Sua’s letter to her brother reads: 

Big brother, it’s me, your precious younger sister. I’m also stopping by! I’ve cried too much, so I’ll stop now! I’m going start smiling a lot now. I’ll be happy doing the things I want to. So, I hope you’re also comfortable and happy there. Your younger sister is going to do well so make sure to watch over me!!

I’ll make sure to live your life to the fullest as well as mine. Don’t try to stop me. Although, when I’m going through a tough time I’m still going to rant to you, so you need to listen. You’ve worked so hard here. I love you so much and I’ll forever be your younger sister. Moon siblings forever.

In the notebook, Sua wrote:

My eternal older brother, it’s your one and only younger sister Sua. How is it there? Is it comfortable? I hope you’re always warm and comfortable.

Since you’re the handsomest when you’re smiling, I’ll wish you only have things to smile about. I’ll come back again later!
I love you today too. Let’s stay moon siblings forever. 23.04.24

Additionally, Moon Sua has followed every member of ASTRO on Instagram and they have all followed her back. Seungkwan, who has been busy promoting SEVENTEEN’s latest comeback, has followed Moonbin’s personal Instagram account.
Fantagio issued a recent statement saying the memorial site at their office would be open to the public until April 30. They noted that any gifts and letters will be stored with care in their offices.
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