Miss Hong Kong slammed online for roasting marshmallows over gas stove

Miss Hong Kong slammed online for roasting marshmallows over gas stove
via Inside Pageant, @denicelams
Bryan Ke
December 29, 2022
Social media users are criticizing Miss Hong Kong 2022 winner Denice Lam for attempting to roast marshmallows over her gas stove.
Lam, the 28-year-old daughter of former TVB star Wilson Lam, shared her controversial attempt to make “BBQ marshmallows” on Instagram on Christmas Eve.
In her short clip, which has received over 12,400 views, Lam tries and fails to roast a marshmallow using a lighter. She then places the soft treat over her gas stove, a move that has ignited disproportionate online outrage.
Lam’s first attempt with her gas stove ends in a mess as she accidentally burns her marshmallow – she even lets out a small scream as she waves her stick around.
Through trial and error, Lam manages to make a perfect-looking roasted marshmallow in the end.
Several Instagram users were not amused with her attempts.
Some criticized Lam and questioned the logic behind her actions, with one user writing, “Does she have any common sense? Isn’t it poisonous?”
The Miss Hong Kong this time round is so brainless, if people really follow what she does, that’s disastrous,” another user said.
“You can’t roast it like that!” another user wrote. “It’s toxic! [You’re] Teaching people the wrong things! Quickly delete the post! Otherwise people will start criticizing the Miss Hong Kong winner for her senseless behavior.”
However, the assertion that using natural gas to roast marshmallows is toxic is false. Your parents probably just didn’t want you gunking up their stoves with melted marshmallow bits.
Lam was crowned Miss Hong Kong 2022 in September.
She previously competed in the beauty pageant back in 2016 but failed to move past its early rounds.
Lam, who is the pageant’s oldest winner, is also reportedly its seventh winner to have a mixed-race background.
When Lam was still a baby, her mother Jasmine, who reportedly has Chinese and English heritage, divorced from Lam’s TV star father Wilson Lam, who was once referred to as “one of Hong Kong’s most handsome men.” Lam and her mother left Hong Kong to live in the United Kingdom soon after. Lam finally reunited with her father in person around 10 years ago with some assistance from their relatives, according to reports.
The model was embroiled in controversy in 2020 after allegedly revealing intimate details about her sex life, specifically her preference for men who know “more moves” and have “more stamina and can last longer.”
Lam’s name was embroiled in controversy again in November after a sex video claimed to feature the Miss Hong Kong 2022 winner began circulating online.

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