Miss Hong Kong Contestant Under Fire for Doing the Dangerous ‘Kiki Challenge’

Miss Hong Kong Contestant Under Fire for Doing the Dangerous ‘Kiki Challenge’
Bryan Ke
August 20, 2018
Tania Chan Yuen-ching, a Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant candidate, is being slammed online for taking part in an internet trend known as the “Kiki challenge.”
In the now-deleted 35-second Instagram video, Chan can be seen exiting her vehicle while dancing to the song “In My Feelings” by Canadian rapper Drake as the car moves along, South China Morning Post reported.
The 23-year-old pulled off gymnastic dance moves as she high kicks alongside her moving vehicle before pulling out a pink ribbon.
After her routine, she threw the pink ribbon on the pavement and went back in her car.
Netizens were not pleased that Chan took part in the challenge.
Firstly I think it’s really pointless and dangerous,” one user wrote. “Secondly the video does not show her picking up her ribbon, which in a way promotes littering. There isn’t any warning against trying such dangerous behavior either.”
via Instagram / taniachanyc
So stupid. How can you be a Miss Hong Kong if you behave like this?” another user wrote.
via Instagram / taniachanyc
Following the backlash, the beauty pageant contestant bowed six times and apologized to her fans at an event on Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported.
I made a rash decision to shoot the video and did not think about the consequences,” she told reporters tearfully. “I apologise for drawing so much criticism from the public. I admit that I neglected safety and I was careless. I am sorry.”
via Instagram / taniachanyc
While authorities have warned people of the potential dangers of the “Kiki challenge,” some still manage to find a way to make the trend fun and wholesome, like the Indian farmers who danced alongside their oxen.
Feature Image via YouTube / Pen Errants, Instagram / taniachanyc
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