‘Power Rangers’ reunion special trailer reveals fate of original Yellow Ranger Trini

‘Power Rangers’ reunion special trailer reveals fate of original Yellow Ranger Trini
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Iris Jung
March 22, 2023
The cast of the original 1993 “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” reunite in the trailer for their 30th anniversary special.
Titled “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always,” the upcoming installment of the superhero franchise is set 30 years after the team’s original debut. Faced with the return of the evil sorceress Rita Repulsa, who is revealed to have killed original Yellow Power Ranger Trini, the Power Rangers must fight against time to save the world. 
Thuy Trang, who played the original Yellow Ranger, died in a car accident in 2001 at the age of 27.
The trailer otherwise shows that little has changed with the Power Rangers. “Once a ranger, always a ranger,” the heroes state as they morph into their iconic uniforms. 
The Netflix special stars David Yost as Blue Ranger Billy Cranston, Walter E. Jones as the Black Ranger Zack Taylor and Barbara Goodson as the villainous Rita Repulsa. Other members of the team include Catherine Sutherland as second Pink Ranger Katherine “Kat” Hillard, Steve Cardenas as second Red Ranger Rocky DeSantos, Karan Ashley as second Yellow Ranger Aisha Campbell and Johnny Yong Bosch as second Black Ranger Adam Park. 
Jason David Frank — who played Green and White Ranger Tommy Oliver — is notably missing from the group due to his death at the age of 49 in November 2022. 
Based on the Japanese franchise “Super Sentai,” “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” first premiered on Fox Kids in 1993.
With the catchy theme song “Go, Go, Power Rangers,” the events of the show are set in motion when Rita Repulsa escapes her space prison to attack Earth. In an attempt to save the planet, the wizard Zordon gifts powers to five teens who officially form the Power Rangers.
Quickly becoming a well-loved franchise, the show continued for three seasons until 1995 and was followed by a movie the same year. However, the Power Rangers legacy continued with spin-offs like “Power Rangers Zeo,” “Power Rangers Wild Force,” “Life After Power Rangers” and more. 
“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always” will premiere on Netflix on April 19.
Check out the trailer below:

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